Raja Beach Hotel

Balapitiya, Sri Lanka
The Raja Beach Hotel is situated at the southwest of the isle,
directly on the fine sandy beach of Balapitiya.

A spacious shady garden invites you to relax, and offers direct access
to the mostly lonely Balapitiya Beach - still an insider's tip.

Ideal also for families with small children:
Large family rooms, a large area to romp around and family-friendly prices.

The management is srilankan-german, namely Lalani and Steffen.
We both and our small obliging team will ensure that your holidays will be a positive and memorable experience.

Please book at least one day in advance, for "last minute" please contact us. 
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The Balapitiya Beach in front of the Hotel



from 7:30 a.m to 10:30 a.m.


Sri Lanka Rice & Curries, Special Seafood, European Food, it's your choice...


Coffee- and Snackbar, Pizzeria, Beer-Garden


Attractions nearby

Lighthouse Galle Fort

We help you organizing your trips to the surroundings:

- A river trip on the Madu River including pick-up and drop-off service.
- Admission to the seaturtle farm.
- No entrance fees to the Balapitiya Temple. The nice monk, who explains the whole picture story in the temple in different languages, is certainly happy about a small donation.

And also some Daytrips, for example:

By Tuk-Tuk to the Fort in Galle, built by the Dutch in colonial times, including the Old Town "Little-Holland", and on the way visit of a moonstone mine, the Tsunami photo museum and the standing Buddha.


Informations and Impressions

Sri Lanka - shining beautiful country - is named the former Ceylon since 1972. With only 66000 km² not big, but there is unbelievable much more to see and to discover:

    * The ancient towns of kings Annuradhapura and Pollonaruwa

    * The Rock Fort of Sigiriya and the Cave Temple of Dambullah

    * The Tooth Temple of Kandy and the temple dancers

    * The Highlands with its tea plantations

    * The Adam's Peak, pilgrim place of 4 religions

    * The Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawela

    * The unique national parks, flora and fauna

    * The wonderful beaches

only to name a part of it. Just let the following pictures work, which don't claim to be complete:



Elephant Orphanage


Botanical Garden


Landscape, Holy Temple of the Tooth Relic and Kandy Dance


A fantastic train ride from Peradenya to Nanu Oya
- one of the most beautiful train routes in the world

The train ride through the highlands is an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, the trains are always overcrowded, so that a seat is almost like winning a lottery. Reservations are only accepted at certain stations, and only in person. Lead time about 4 weeks, For our guests we gladly take over the reservation, please announce in time. In case the seat does not work, it is best to sit at the entrance of the wagon. This is also how these great pictures were taken...

Nuwara Eliya

Highest City in Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya, also called "Little England" is the highest town in Sri Lanka (1868m) and is dominated by Sri Lanka's largest mountain, the Pidurutalagala or Mount Pedro (2524m). The city was founded in colonial times by the Englishman Samuel Baker. Many buildings are still from the colonial period or were built later in the same style.

If you have taken the great train journey through the highlands, get off at Nanu Oya and then take the bus up to Nuwara Eliya, terminus.

Nuwara Eliya is a mecca for golfers, other attractions are Victoria Park with the adjacent Bird Park, and Lake Gregory for boating, fishing or walking. However, a fee is charged for all this. Children love to ride horses. The possibility is offered a few hundred meters below the bus station, somewhat difficult to find. Ask. The price is negotiable.

The St. Francis Xavier church is definitely worth a visit.

Behind the St. Francis Xavier church (a side street to the left of the church) the Franciscan nuns have set up a small shop where you can find delicious homemade jam, chutneys and more. The sale of homemade fruit wines was unfortunately stopped by the government :-(

A tea factory (Pedro Estate) is located not far from the city and can be visited. It is said that the higher the location, the better the tea.

Climate: It is recommended to bring warm clothes, jackets, socks and sturdy shoes, as the temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Possibly also blankets, the hotels often have no heating.


The Yala Park in the south of the island is the most famous national park in Sri Lanka, but only one of 21 others. Nearest to Raja Beach Hotel is the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, which is ideal for hiking in Sri Lanka's last rainforest. A local guide is required (can be booked on site). Further information e.g. here at Wikipedia.






Sri Lanka possess a varied climate in spite of its relative small size.

Dry areas for example in the North and South-East change with subtropical areas in the Coast Regions.

At the Highlands within the Central Region, rules European climate, ever high the cooler it will be.

For example, in Nuwara Eliya, laying at 1890m height, there is the danger of frost during the night.

In the coast-regions the average temperature measure is 26-32°C.

The water temperature of the Indian Ocean behaves to 27°C, commonly all of the year.

The isle has two seasons - dry and rainy season, where the northeast area stands exactly in opposite to the southwest area.

The Southwest Monsoon brings rainfalls to the south and west between may and september.

The Northeast Monsoon supplies the north and east between december and february with rainfalls.

Even while monsoon season the sun is shining daily, rain is falling mostly in the afternoon or evening.

In october or november there is the possibility of rain and thunderstorm all over the isle.

Often the rain is even a welcome cooling.

Longtime it takes generally not, as suddenly the rain had begin, as soon it stops mostly,

and the sun is shining as before...

The actual weather forecast:



The vast majority of the population speaks Sinhala. Almost 30% speak Tamil, most of the people live in the north and east of the country. Some also work in the tea plantations of the highlands. More detailed information can be found here at Wikipedia.

In the tourist zones, English is the best way to get through. Because the English lessons in the schools were focused again from the first class, especially the younger generation is mostly proficient in the English language. English is also understood by almost all authorities, and it is still the language of business.



Please inform yourself about the current visa regulations in good time before your trip at www.eta.gov.lk

Also inform yourself about the actual Covid19-Regulations for flight, transit and entry.

Please also check the validity of your passport.


Further information about Sri Lanka can also be found on the pages of Wikipedia and the Sri Lanka Tourism Official Website.

Currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR), information about the current exchange rate e.g. here at xe.com.

Even if the doctor and hospital costs are by far not as expensive as in Europe, we still recommend for all cases to take out a travel health insurance in your home country.


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